I’ve been a fangirl geek all my life. I’ve gotten sucked deep into many a fandom, written my share of fanfiction, squeed and flailed over my current OTP – it’s been interesting lately to see that tendency in myself turn more towards a desire to follow the real world.

I first started following the news in late 2015 when the BBC Global News Podcast was regularly covering the events leading up to the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff. I’m embarrassed to say that before that time I would’ve been hard pressed to come up with the name of any foreign leader. The interest in learning about the events of the wider world was an entirely new thing for me – I remember telling Matthew that it was like discovering a new show and new characters – I still don’t understand enough about Brazilian politics to know whether Dilma really got the shaft, but it kind of sounded that way to me, and her story was one of the first in my new news obsession to grab me.

It still feels fannish to me frequently – I’ll hear a news story referencing events in the past that I don’t know about, or only have the vaguest idea of, and it feels like I’ve gotten obsessed with a soap that’s been on the air forever and I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to get caught up so that I understand all the subplots. There are so many and I want to learn about all of them – and on some level you accept that you’ll never learn about all of them but you still try. And one day my news obsession won’t be so new – one day I’ll be one of those people who has been following world events for years and so has a good solid background on recent events leading up to the current state of the world.

When my interest in the news first started up – in the far, far away days of late 2015 – Matthew said I’d picked a particularly crazy time to decide I wanted to start following world events. Oh, had we but known.