We just got home from a four-day trip to New Orleans – my first time there and Matthew’s first time since he was too young to have more than vague memories. I’ll post about the trip when I’ve got some time to gather thoughts; right now it’s all a big jumble of awesome, so for the moment I’mma just take a minute to talk about my marriage.

The opening scene of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has oddly-believably-cgi’d-to-look-young Kurt Russell and Laura Haddock cruising in a convertible down a quiet country road on a gorgeous day while she sings along to Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl) on the radio. Without getting into any detail of what’s going on in the relationship or where it goes (no spoilers/also it’s not the point for what I’m getting at), that scene succeeded very well in portraying a moment of carefree bliss and two people in love just thoroughly enjoying each other’s company.

Matthew and I have gone on a couple long road trips recently – to New Orleans this weekend and to Lancaster at the end of March – both are in the ten hour range. Road trips always make me think about how grateful I am to have a life partner that I am so thoroughly travel compatible with. At the end of ten hours in the car I’m still thoroughly enjoying his company; we were happily chatting about the last podcast we listened to as we unpacked the car at the end of the trip home today.

And as the new episode of Lovett or Leave It came on the Epic Podcast Playlist this morning and we both sang along with the wonderfully obnoxious theme song, sipping our coffees, the day’s drive ahead of us, I thought, this is our Brandy moment. And it’s every bit as blissful.

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