Yesterday evening was really intense even before I knew anything newsworthy had happened.

My ESL class ended up getting a bit heavy – the curriculum for the night included a reading that was a story about an immigrant family that came to America because the parents wanted a better life for their children. It was a hopeful feel-good story, but it ended up leading to some pretty serious discussion about everyone’s own lives, situations, histories, reasons for coming here, and one woman sharing an incredibly painful story that broke my heart for her. It was hard to hear but I’m so glad they felt comfortable having that conversation with me. I have so much respect and affection for these folks.

I got home after class, told Matthew about the evening, and after we’d talked about it he said “So … with all of that going on, I guess you haven’t heard the news.”


Tomorrow we’re driving to New Orleans for a long weekend planned around Matthew’s cousin’s wedding. Neither of us has been to New Orleans before and we’re super excited to just do some wandering and exploring. Last road trip we went on was last month when we drove to PA to see my oldest friend Chris perform in In the Heights and on the way there the drama was unfolding surrounding and leading up to the first failed attempt at a vote on the AHCA. We followed it pretty obsessively during the drive – made for great road trip entertainment – and on the way home two days later we caught up on all the podcast reactions and dissections.

Looks like we’ll have no lack of podcast material to follow this trip either. As the man said, Lordy.

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