So the volunteer adventure I’m on (at some point I’ll talk about how finding a place to volunteer regularly was harder than I would have expected) is teaching ESL classes two nights a week at our local Hispanic center. I’m also using Rosetta Stone along with a few other apps to work on learning Spanish. I’m still very much a beginner but I’m getting there. 

By the time I get home after a day at work and then teaching class I’m definitely zonked but while I’m teaching I’m so much in the moment – I’ve only been doing it for about two months so it’s yet another thing I’m very much a beginner at – I feel like a beginner in a lot of areas lately. It only just now occurred to me that that’s a big part of where I’m at right now – being a beginner on so many different levels. 

Okay, I’m sleepy and if I keep writing I’m going to get punchily philosophical. Best save the thought until I’m more rested. 

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