So I hadn’t posted here for most of 2018, and I realized recently that I needed/wanted a space to just natter, and that I wanted to return to this one – I’ve left a lot of blogs abandoned over the years and I didn’t want this to be one of them; I’m fond of this place. Something just wasn’t feeling quite right, though. I realized, after thinking about it for a while, that it was simply the name. If you hadn’t visited here before now, the domain used to be (that url still points here, of course) and the logo said “JJ Does Today” – it was a name that suited my mood really well during a particular time in my life when I was feeling very … grrrraaaarrrrrrr about Getting Shit Done.

Don’t get me wrong, I still feel grrrrraaarrrr and I still want to Get the Shit Done. I still feel strongly about showing up, learning, participating, All the Things – but I’ve had a rough year, and it doesn’t necessarily feel like I’m doing the hell out of every single day. Some days I’m just making it through. And that’s okay. But coming and posting on a blog that was branded in an AAAAUUGGGHHH LET’S DO THE HELL OUT OF EVERY SINGLE DAY manner (at least that’s how it seemed to me) just didn’t seem quite right.

So I’ve just rebranded to be … me. This is my boring blog about my life. And that, also, is okay. I’ve never had a problem with having a boring blog. Lately I’ve been missing having a boring blog that I post to regularly, so here we are.

In case anyone is interested in the main issue I’ve been dealing with in the last few months, I’ve set up a separate blog about it. This is probably the last time I’ll mention it here, because I really wanted to keep it to its own dedicated space, but my mom took her own life in early September. My blog for talking about that is set up at It’s a rough topic, feel free to give it a miss, I just wanted to throw it out there.

But this blog will continue to be for the nattering, the adventures both big and small, the geek squeeing, the book reviews, etc. And there will be days I do the hell out of, and days I don’t manage quite that much. I got derailed, but I’m still here, doing shit where I can, taking it one day at a time – whether I’m managing to grab them by the tits or not.

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