It Was Time For New Ink

I’ve known that I eventually wanted to get a Hamilton quote as a tattoo since well before the election, but the results of the election made it swiftly clear to me which one of the several quotes I was considering was the appropriate choice. I thought about getting it right around inauguration but that didn’t quite end up happening, and now I think getting it immediately after the first 100 days seems more fitting anyway.

I’d already been on a path of change before the election – in the year or so leading up to the election I started following news, both global and American, and started actually paying attention to politics beyond just the bare minimum needed in order to know who to vote for. I’d decided that I’d been barely aware of the world around me for too long and was going about changing that.

Then the election happened and pushed me off a cliff – in the same direction I’d already been headed, but with a sudden speed and impact, and at this point I don’t think there’s any going back. For a long time I was a person who spent almost all of my free time on escapist hobbies – video games, geeky tv shows, etc. – and while I will always love those kinds of hobbies, I’ve come to a point where I’m no longer okay with spending so much of my time holing up and indulging in brain candy. I need to learn and I need to do. I need to read and study and engage and I need to direct the benefits of that in ways that help people.

I’ve changed a lot in a relatively short period of my life – in ways that I’m very happy with, but I’m still wrapping my brain around it, around the effects of the changes and around the different voice I have when I’m engaging with the world now. I needed a space to speak with that voice that was separate from my old spaces. So here we go. We’ll see what happens.

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